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Police unveil hi-tech ‘stalker’ cameras

Monday, November 9th, 2009

HI-TECH radars will clock speeding drivers long before they’ve even spotted police in a new wave of urban traffic monitoring straight out of the US. The “stalker” cameras are capable of monitoring a moving vehicle up to a kilometre away, travelling in either direction. More than 200 of the devices will be fitted to police cars in an effort to keep Victoria’s road toll at an all time low.

Police Minister Bob Cameron made the announcement today as Victoria Police launched its latest hotspot blitz, Operation Ardent, that will target traffic across the Spring Carnival weekend. “These new radars will be fitted to moving police cars to detect cars moving towards and away from the police vehicle,” Mr Cameron said. “And they will be able to track vehicles for extended travel times, giving police greater power to tackle dangerous driving.”

At least 350 of the mobile radars will be on police dashboards by the middle of next year. Last month Victoria recorded a new record low road toll of 13 deaths – four less than the previous low. This year’s road toll stands at 239, which is 13 less than at the same time last year.