Use Silicone Spray to Save on Speeding Fines

There are many products on the market to help motorists avoid fines for speeding from fixed and mobile speed cameras but one of the cheapest and easiest methods comes in a spray can that only costs a few bucks. Spray on silicone lubrication spray will put a sheen on your number plates making it very difficult for the police to read the registration number if you are snapped by a speed camera.

Unlike other products silicone spray cannot be seen by the naked eye and it is available from electrical wholesalers Australia wide for a few dollars a can. I have used this method in the past and while it is very difficult to be certain it works in 100% of cases I have never received a speed camera fine in any vehicle that I have driven that has had a spray recently.

I wouldn’t be foolish enough to suggest that you should spray your plates then go out and flaunt it but a quick spray every time you wash your car could save you big bucks. My sources inform me that this method is infallable but I invite readers to give us some feedback on their experiences using silicone spray.

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