One lucky fella

HOON drivers caught speeding could keep their licences after a 136km/h leadfoot dodged the law with a legal loophole. The Government says it will immediately move to change the road laws after the owner of a car snapped 36km/h above the limit kept his licence because police couldn’t prove he was driving.

The Supreme Court last week dismissed a police challenge to an earlier court decision allowing accused speedster Conrad Becker to keep his licence after his car was snapped at 136km/h in a 100km/h zone in 2006.

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What we really need is someone with a big swag of money to take the Police to the supreme court and have the 3km/hr leeway lifted to 10km/hr. The current law does not give enough latitude for the discrepency between the speed detected and the actual vehicle speed. If I won Tatts I would invest it in having the unfair laws changes so the public were no longer ripped off.

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