Radar and Speed Cameras

I must thank the sites referenced below for the information provided to complete this report on the use of radar devices to detect speed. I was impressed by the volume information available and the quality. Initially I intended to write much of the content myself but found litle purpose in duplicating what was already published. The research was based purely on Internet resources and first hand knowledge gained from 25 years technial experience in the electrical/electronics industries and personal experiences dealing with radar operators (Police). Prior to writing this report I knew that the technology was not being applied correctly. Now I am sure and startled by the evidence that universally supports my belifs. There is little in the pages here to support of the technology because like adequate standards the information just does not exist.

Stationary speed cameraRadar error on bend

Playing with electricity, fixing the loo, in fact most trades are licensed and regulated under Australian Standards. The workplace system today is so regulated you cannot even climb a ladder let alone work on a roof without barracades. How can a single Police Officer drive a car, inform his movements over the radio, observe traffic being detected and operation the radar device at the same time? Got me because by comparrison average joe you and me get fined by the same legal system if we use a mobile phone while driving. I don’t think we should be doing anything but drive when we are driving and the law should equivically apply to all.

Radar error Radar error on bend

Looking at the facts it is impossible to understand how we can be expected to respect the law when the law itself displays dishonest intent. If the law in Australia is intented to protect the innocent, protect an individuals rights and ensure that inocent people are not persecuted then the practice of detecting speed cars with radar should cease. Some sense at last now we need the other states and territories to follow suite and then we can realistically apply resources to train all drivers better and start building cars that don’t break in half OR we could just cut down all speed signs, trees and power poles?

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